4Ever Songs: Neil Young ‘Heart of Good’

His hit song, “Heart of Gold,” hit the airwaves and soon became the legendary artist’s sole No. 1 in the United States. The song also hit No. 1 in Canada. The studio version of “Heart of Gold” featured backing vocals from James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt. The track was written, in part, as the result of a back injury Young sustained that left him unable to stand for long periods of time.

“Heart of Gold” was recorded initially during the sessions for Young’s seminal album, Harvest, in early February of 1971 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The muses of La Musa: DEBBY FRIDAY

Born in Nigeria, raised in Montreal, and now based in Vancouver, DEBBY FRIDAY’s work spans the spectrum of the audio-visual, resisting categorizations of genre and artistic discipline. She is at once sound theorist and musician, composer and performer, video artist, poet and PUNK GOD. Debby got her start in music as an internationally touring DJ known for her daring, idiosyncratic sets, opening for both Mykki Blanco and Princess Nokia. In March 2018, she released her first self-produced EP, titled BITCHPUNK, to reverberating underground acclaim. Her new album is GOOD LUCK.

Divus Julius presents: French 79

As the name suggests, French 79 is a French artist who was born in 1979. Simon Henner (his real name) has been living in Marseille for more than twenty years. Although this city has a long tradition of hip-hop, the musician and producer has chosen a very different path: electronic music. French 79 became a name to remember in the French touch revival.

Hit of The Week: Jungle ‘Candle Flame’

Jungle have returned with new single ‘Candle Flame’, and announced details of their fourth album ‘Volcano’. 

The funk and soul/dance group – comprising J Lloyd and Tom McFarland – released their third album ‘Loving In Stereo’ back in 2021. Last year saw the pair return with two new tracks – ‘Good Times’ and ‘Problemz’ – and reveal that they’d started work on their next record.

The first taster of the LP comes with ‘Candle Flame’ – featuring Jungle’s trademark energy and a backdrop of disco and soul, accompanied by the distinctive rhymes of Erick The Architect.

Music by Bergman: Lankum

Lankum have gained worldwide acclaim for their engrossing albums and captivating, often euphoric live performances. Their last album False Lankum, further developed their psychedelic take on folk music, and cemented their reputation as one of the most unique and talked about groups to emerge from Ireland in decades. 

Comprising brothers Ian Lynch (uillean pipes, tin whistle, vocals), Daragh Lynch (vocals, guitar) alongside Cormac Mac Diarmada (fiddle) and Radie Peat (harmonium, accordion, vocals), Lankum channel a diverse set of influences and histories to create a beautifully rare thing: a songbook from and for the people.


“cafuné” is a Brazilian-Portuguese word that roughly translates to “the act of running your finger’s through a loved one’s hair.” Sedona Schat and Noah Yoo came upon the word while in college in New York, where they met. The two didn’t anticipate that Cafuné’s debut EP Love Songs for Other People (2015) would connect with a Brazilian fanbase a continent away. Those listeners’ early passion was the spark to continue on. Throughout their debut album Running (2021), Cafuné embrace their blend of alternative pop, soft rock, and shoegaze, anchored by Sedona’s dreamy vocals. Cafuné have shared new standalone single titled “Perspective.

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