The muses of La Musa: Gaye Su Akyol

Born and raised in Istanbul, Gaye Su Akyol is well aware of the city’s clichéd position of being where East meets West, and she uses that cultural inflection point to her advantage when it comes to adopting the symbol of the dragon. 

 Her music is steeped in the classical Turkish music she grew to love through her mother and grandmother, the Turkish pop and jazz favoured by her dad, and the Anatolian psychedelia that her uncle was a fan of. But what sets Akyol apart from others is her willingness – her insistence, even – to shock people out of their comfort zones.

Divus Julius presents: James Brandon Lewis 

American saxophonist James Brandon Lewis has shared new song ‘The Blues Still Blossoms’.

The instrumentalist seems to tap into the pan-generational spirits that guide Black American art, while still pursuing doggedly individual goals. Lauded by everyone from Sonny Rollins to Thurston Moore, his new album ‘Eye Of I’ lands on February 3rd.

Trance-inducing new song ‘The Blues Still Blossoms’ has a profoundly lyrical quality, coupled with a desire to break beyond the rules. Avant garde while still profoundly melodic, the song has a deeply mediative quality, with its cyclical framework returning again and again to that anchor-point.

Hit of The Week: Matt Corby ‘Problems’

Matt Corby, the multi-award winning Australian songwriter and producer has shared his new single “Problems.” The single comes out via his new UK label home Communion and is the first taste of new music from the artist since 2020’s stand-alone singles “If I Never Say A Word” and “Vitamin.” “Problems” was recorded at Matt’s Rainbow Valley Studios and co-produced with Chris Collins (Gang of Youths, Middle Kids, Skegss)

Music by Bergman: Lime Cordiale

Lime Cordiale’s infectious performances and genuine, generous interactions with their fans has made them one of Australia’s buzziest acts over the past couple of years. It’s a fact that was reflected in the Triple J Hottest 100 poll in 2019 when Lime Cordiale was the only act to have four songs under 40 – a feat that not even Billie Eilish could pull off. 

Australian pop-rockers Lime Cordiale have just released ‘Colin’, a string-backed ode to Men At Work frontman, Colin Hay..

Best Covers: Walt Disco ‘You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me’ 

Set for release on 25th November, Walt Disco have announced a new covers EP ‘Always Sickening’, featuring covers of Dusty Springfield, Aldous Harding, The Japanese House, The Associates and Stephanie Mills. They share their cover of Dusty Springfield’s ‘You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me’ 

Introducing…Elephant Kind

Elephant Kind started in mid 2013. In early 2010 Bam Mastro, also known as Bam, began exploring Western Australian Music scenes. Moving back to Jakarta Bam started developing his career as a musician. His project with Neonomora led him to meeting John, Bayu and Dewa who then joined Elephant Kind.

Elephant Kind have shared a comeback single, ‘Rockstar’, the first product of their new signing to Mola Records. The trio originated in Jakarta but are now based in London, moving continent to immerse themselves in a fresh environment. Their new single is the first result of this transition and is an effective reintroduction to the band after their 17-month absence.

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