The muses of La Musa: Lande Hekt

Lande Hekt’s voice in music is one that’s socially aware yet often introspective, drawing awareness to serious issues but at the same time baring her soul. Much of Hekt’s compositions act as a personal diary of what’s going on in her life at any given time. This knack of combining her own experiences and feelings whilst highlighting larger socio-economic issues has carried through to her more contemplative solo material, which began life in an EP ‘Gigantic Disappointment’, self-released in 2019. 

Now, some years later, with her second solo album ‘House Without A View’ due to arrive on 23rd September via Prize Sunflower Records, Lande Hekt is sharing her new single ‘Backstreet Snow’.

Divus Julius presents: The Armed

The Armed are a modern band with modern ideas. So much so that beyond being a rabble of hardcore smothering pop tendencies – particularly on the aptly named, 2021 release ULTRAPOP – they’re also a morphing manifestation of anger, creativity, and refuting restrictions, with all the switches that ignite these ideas cranked to eleven – all whilst also not strictly having any official members. Simply utterly ambiguous with the the most direct intention.

Hit of The Week: The Killers ‘Boy’

The Killers have shared their new single ‘boy’. The group’s previous album ‘Pressure Machine’ became a critically lauded hit, propelled by Brandon Flowers’ desire to document the travails of small-town American life. Hitting the road, The Killers then completed a massive stadium-filling tour, entertaining 400,000 fans on a run of sold out UK shows.

Music by Bergman: STRABE

The London-based duo, comprised of Emmet and Angelia, savour simplicity in a euphoric re-introduction to their music that captures the sentiment of post-lockdown life.

Following the immense viral success of “Best First Year”, a spookily prophetic single released on the cliff edge of normality in 2019, STRABE re-emerge with “Life On Pause”. Their first release this decade, it’s a melancholy-tinged reflection of the fleeting experience of youth, that sees the band subvert the notion of living fast, instead seeking to scavenge for beauty in the mundanity.

Best Covers: Talking Heads Take Me to the River”

What makes Al Green so unique as a soul singer is that he’s not a belter – he sings like he’s holding something back, like he’s trying to get you to come in closer. That’s a key component of his most seductive songs, like “Let’s Stay Together” and “Take Me to the River,” the latter of which became a hit for David Byrne and the Talking Heads. Smartly, the Talking Heads’ cover keeps the original’s light touch, paring away anything that could get in the way of the song’s slinky groove.

Introducing…Lil Silva

Lil Silva is an incredibly diverse, ever-changing artist. A producer whose talent knows no bounds, holding production and writing credits for artists like Adele and Mark Ronson, Silva’s solo project comes from the deepest part of his soul, and it shows. His latest offering and debut album, Yesterday Is Heavy, is a splendid showcase of the multiple styles and genres within which he flourishes.

4Ever Songs: Blue States ‘Season Song’

Blue States are an electronica/dream pop band headed up by Andy Dragazis. The band has been active since 1997 and is still producing music out of Sussex, England as of 2005. A track from their 2002 album “Man Mountain”, “Season Song”, appeared on the to the British horror film, “28 Days Later”.

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