Music by Bergman: The Delgados

In 2005, The Delgados got fed up with being a band more respected than listened to and decided to put an end to a decade of bittersweet indie, of lyrical devastation, melodic preciosity and guitars that fought against angels. We understood the decision, but it hurt us to be left without the woven vocals of Emma Pollock and Alun Woodward, without those songs that were both painful and comforting. Fortunately for us, the quartet has decided to make a comeback and begin to reap the rewards of a cult following that has now put them where they deserve to be, at the top of the Glasgow music community.

Best Covers: London Grammar ‘Wicked Game’

London Grammar can knock out the original power ballad, and, as you’ll see here, nail the ’90s slow-burning love song. The UK trio tackled Chris Isaak’s hit “Wicked Game”. Between their haunting, cavernous sound and Hannah Reid’s beautifully anguished vocals the band manages to both cover the original perfectly and reinvent it at the same time.


Avant-indie duo Febueder bless us with new release ‘Dire Science’, the latest outing into the weird and wonderful world of the band.

The experienced and experimental twosome have unveiled some of the most compelling indie floating around the stratosphere in the last few years, with tracks like ‘Paramount Tether’ and ‘Morning Yawn’ emitting buzz from underground and industry circles alike. ‘Dire Science’ sees the band re-emerge after a quiet 2022, exploring and progressing their sound to unwavering heights.

The muses of La Musa: Cat Clyde

Since Cat Clyde’s debut in 2017, she’s been able to carve out a space for herself in the music industry. Her last fully-fledged offering was Hunter’s Trance, released in 2019, but she’s kept herself on it and occupied since then. Crafting up “Good Bones”, an acoustic reimagining of Hunter’s Trance and her debut album Ivory Castanets, she then went on to collaborate with country singer-songwriter

Ahead of Cat Clyde’s forthcoming album Down Rounder, the young indie folk artist has unleashed “Papa Took My Totems” .

Divus Julius presents: The Reytons

The South Yorkshire indie rockers are back with their DIY sophomore record that continues their heavy direction of upbeat guitar riffs and everyday lyrical focuses. This time, The Reytons provide a much more solid album with better sound, structure, and overall variety.

Now there’s an obvious elephant in the room whenever addressing South Yorkshire bands of this indie sound and whilst What’s Rock And Roll reminisces a faithful time in 2006, The Reytons are here now in 2023 and they have a solid record.

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