Hit of the week: Flashy Ice Cream ‘Llàgrimes de sang’

El grup de trap de Sabadell Flashy Ice Cream acaba de publicar la cançó ‘Llàgrimes de sang’, dedicada a les protestes juvenils per la sentència contra el procés i especialment als aldarulls sorgits arran de la violència policíaca. Resumeix l’esperit de molts dels qui han sortit al carrer arreu del país aquesta darrera setmana.

Flashy Ice Cream, a Catalan trap band have just shared `Tears of Blood’ during the riots occured in Catalonia against the violent police sent by Spain. These riots have been lead by students and young people fed up of the repression of Spain over Catalonia.


Music by Bergman: Burna Boy

Nigeria’s Burna Boy who, unlike many of his peers, is a master at not only blending sounds of West Africa, but also incorporating elements of dancehall and hip-hop to create afro-fusion, a sub-genre that he’s found himself the face of. Though he’d been actively working at this meshing since his first mixtape, 2011’s Burn Notice, his work reached new heights with 2018’s Outside.

In the past few years, Afro-fusion singer Burna Boy has gone from Nigerian superstar to international sensation. With the recent release of his fourth studio album, African Giant, the Nigerian singer born Damini Ogulu has delivered a swaggering, electric, and passion-fueled statement that lives up to the towering persona being put forth at its outset.

Introducing…Chinatown Slalom

 Chinatown Slalom, released their debut album Who Wants to be a Millionaire. This group is based out of Liverpool and is known for throwing house parties on the regular and actually have extended the invite to the public on Facebook. The album came out of no where; no singles, no build-up.

The group of four does a great job to give you a view into their creative minds, even sampling Jai Paul. Through happy and vibrant tracks, the album is an amazing listen from start to finish. The album contains many different feels. This is only the beginning for Chinatown Slalom so hop on the wave early while you can.

Divus Julius presents: Lucy in Blue

Stepping boldly in the dusty footsteps of such giants as King Crimson, Camel and Pink Floyd, Lucy in Blue take the stage with atmospheric grooves and bittersweet harmonies. Their newest album, In Flight deals with the dilemmas of the psychedelic experience and spiritual poverty. Confusion, despair and wonder carry the listener from black beaches to snowy peaks, to emerge at the apex of felt experience, in flight.  Tonight at Sala Apolo.

Ville à Dômat #260: ‘Holy Groove’

En temps de revolta una bona dosis de música amb groove seleccionada pel dissident Divus Julius Barcelona. Punxem alguns dels artistes que ens visitaran aquesta setmana com Palace o Cuco. Estrenem el més nou de The Divine Comedy, Angel Olsen, King Princess, Panda Bear o Caribou i us presentem a noves promeses com ara Drug Store Romeos, Burna Boy o Biig Piig.
Dijous 10Pm/22h 100.5FM Radio Ciutat Vella
Ville à Dômat: Holy Groove

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