The muses of La Musa: Jade Bird

Jade Bird has been writing songs since she was 12 years old, and all that experience shows in her confident vocals and biting lyrics. Her British spin on Americana has already gained attention in the US, where Rolling Stone magazine named her one of this year’s “country artists you need to know”.



Divus Julius presents…The Marías

Imagine walking into a 70s bar-lounge and sitting in a velvet booth, the air thick with a perfumed nostalgia and smokey intimacy, your head in a spin from the sultry voices and feverishly groovy notes being elicited from the small stage in front of you. Now close your eyes and press play on “I Don’t Know You,” the debut track from the LA-based band The Marías–let it transport you to someplace where sensuality and ecstasy drip from the lips of those around you. Comprised and led by couple María and Josh Conway, The Marías have no qualms about making music that is a sultry, midnight rendezvous of their many tastes, which include jazz, funk, psychedelia, and lounge. Their debut EP titled Superclean Vol. I sounds to everything from having sex in the 70s to pouring cream into coffee, alone these might seem like arbitrary comparisons–but then you hit play on “I Don’t Know You” again, and it all just oozes out like a fever dream.

Hit of the week: Spector: ‘Untitled in D’ 

Spector have released  a new track Untitled in D’  that will be the band’s first new material since 2015’s Moth Boys, aside from their pro-EU recording ‘Born In The EU’ which was released in conjunction with the British European Union referendum back in 2016.

The band took to Twitter to say on the track, “this one goes out to the Propaganda DJ’s, the weekday drinkers, the occasional dabblers, the pizza express pack, the wristband swappers and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.”


Music by Bergman: Artificial Pleasure

The British trio’s foray into an electro-funk-rock landscape—inspired by the sounds of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, LCD Soundsystem, and both Davids (Bowie and Byrne)—has been, for the most part, organic. Artificial Pleasure is barely two year old with some singles , and most of their material is mixed and produced by the band’s members; the London-based group consists of Phil McDonnell (vocals and guitar), Dom Brennan (synths), and Lee Jordan (drums), all of whom were previously part of the band Night Engine.

Ville à Dômat #200: ‘Bicentennial’

Avui celebrem el bicentanari del programa indie més cool del planeta Terra. Dos-cents programes repassant l’actualitat musical més independent arreu del món. Dues-centes retransmissions en directe amb les millors cançons indies del moment. Dos-cents programes conduïts per Divus Julius Bonasera amb la col·laboració del mestre Bergman i La Musa.
Avui ho celebrarem amb més música i estrenarem el més nou de Manic Street Preachers i Belle and Sebastian. Analitzarem el nou disc de Portugal. The Man i us presentarem a nous artistes com Eera, QTY, Paris Youth Foundation o Shame.
Dilluns 7PM a 9PM 100.5FM Radio Ciutat Vella
Ville à Dômat: Bicentennial

The muses of La Musa: Mavi Phoenix

Mavi Phoenix is such a big Janet Jackson fan she’s named her new single after her. The 22-year-old platinum haired Austrian rapper, says the track – which fyi she wrote and produced – is an ode to confidence and going big.

The track also comes with the news that Phoenix is set to release her debut EP Young Prophet on 24th November. The EP will, of course, feature ‘Janet Jackson’ along with forthcoming new track ‘White Polo’.

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