Introducing…Amen Dunes

Amen Dunes, the energetic and hypnotic American band led by Damon McMahon, are back in Barcelona to present their latest album, ‘Freedom’ (2018), which comes four years after its predecessor, ‘Love’ (2014)

The past decade has been a time of transformation for Damon McMahon, the man behind the project Amen Dunes. For years, the New York artist actively avoid the spotlight, preferring to be something of a mysterious, globe-trotting figure who sporadically dropped abstract folk albums.

His new record, aptly titled Freedom, is a collection of his most accessible and personal songs yet. McMahon began recording it shortly after his mother was diagnosed with a terminal cancer; his most recent single, “Believe,” is a hallucinatory folk meditation that tackles this subject directly, concluding with the simple, but intensely intimate, mantra: “When things go black, I got you.” Tonight in concert at Razzmatazz.


Favourite Gig: Mercury Rev

Back in 1998, after a turbulent start, with changes to the band and success that had never came, threatening their survival, the North Americans Mercury Rev released their magnum opus, Deserter’s songs. A beautiful album halfway between orchestral pop and a grandiose dream pop, built on melodies as simple as nursery songs, which turned the tide of their fortune and this year celebrates its 20th anniversary (2018). As this is an iconic album, in an era of retromania and nostalgia, we’ve had more recent opportunities to hear them live in all their splendour. So, to celebrate the album’s anniversary, the group are proposing to revive it now in a more intimate and acoustic format, with the whispering and scratching they were born with. Tonight in concert at BAM Festival.

The muses of La Musa: Laurel Halo

A standout in the murkily defined experimental electronic scene that encompasses harsh noise, dreamy drone and ambient art pop, the eclectic producer brings tracks ranging from hypnagogic electropop to muzzy, blissed-out analog reverie, all the way from Berlin to Brooklyn. Her latest album, Dust—released on dubstep pioneer Kode9’s label Hyperdub—features restlessly improvisational, jazzy beats grounded by vocoded vocal melodies. Tonight at Razzmatazz.

Introducing…Bruno Pernadas

The cover of Those Who Throw Objects at the Crocodiles Will Be Asked to Retrieve Them (2016), the second album by Lisbon-born Bruno Pernadas (Julie & The Carjackers, Real Combo Lisbon, When We Left Paris), with an image that reminds us of a cocktail at the end of the Fifties or start of the Sixties, surrealistically invaded by half a dozen lovebirds, might give us an idea of the sound this jazz graduate uses in his solo project. He crafts an exquisite pop between The High Flames and Stereolab, leading to Baroque pop and the easy listening of the Sixties, but with a tropical touch. It’s as if Harpers Bizarre or The Free Design had heard Mulatu Astatke’s Ethio-jazz or the hypnotic music melodies of Mali, and had allowed themselves to be seduced by the repetitions of Steve Reich’s minimalism. Saturday night in concert at BAM Festival.

Divus Julius presents…Erotic Market

“Erotic Market” was born at the beginning of the decade as an electronic pop duo from Lyon, close to the urban rhythms of artists such as MIA, with songs to shake the body coupled with a sense of humour, such as “I want to be some booty”, included in their debut, Blahblahrians (2014). Now a solo project by Rosemary Martins (the nickname of Marine Pellegrini) and after a couple of years time out to come together again, Erotic Market is back with Queendoms (2018), a futuristic R & B album for which she has got together with DJ Flore, priestess of Lyon-based bass music, Bonetrips, a beatmaker, and Nicolas Taite, on live drums.  This friday night free concert at Rambla del Raval.

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