Sónar: Autechre

Autechre are often reluctant to play live or appear in public but in 2015 they will make an exception and present a handful of special and exclusive concerts. Sónar Barcelona will of course play host to them once more after their single festival appearance in 1996. They will perform in SonarHall, the perfect place to capture the infinite complexities of their abstract electronica, where their live show will deliver a master class in sound algebra.
Autechre are one of the most admired and respected duos from an entire generation of 1990’s UK music experimentalists. The importance of Rob Brown and Sean Booth’s music and sound cannot be underestimated. They have played an integral role in the development of abstract techno and IDM (intelligent dance music) over the past 25 years. Prestigious website FACT Magazine selected one of their tracks “Flutter” as number one in their list of the Top 100 tracks in IDM history, and albums like “Incunabula”, “Amber”, “Tri Repetae”, and more recently “Oversteps” and “EXAI” are all masterpieces of abstract music and sound deconstruction. They have spent their entire career in the bosom of Warp and are a cornerstone of the label, having influenced many artists who have since become leading lights on the international scene. They are without exaggeration, one of the most important names in the history of electronic music. Today at 20.30h.

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