Vida Festival: Fryars

Fryars took cover behind Benjamin Garrett, or what is the same, Benjamin Garrett is Fryars. This 24 years londoner started very young in music, as the drummer of a band he formed with fellow desk mates, but soon became a solo experience and at just 14 he had a small studio in his room.
That desire to learn and experience and a maverick and multifaceted personality are evident in each of his works, and in “Power”, his second album , we find a very heterogeneous mix that with enigmatic phrases

guide the listener through landscapes reminiscent at times to crooners as Scott Walker and Richard Hawley without sacrificing as effective dance tunes like “Cool like Me”. Not happy with that, he decided to accompany the launch with a short film scripted by himself, so there is no doubt that we have a restless mind here and we can’t wait to see with what he surprises us at Vida 2015, when he will be visiting Spain for the very first time. highly recommended by Mestre Bergman.

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