FIB: The Prodigy

Liam Howlett, Maxim Reality and Keith Flint carry on doing whatever the hell they like. They carry on firing blasts of furious electronica, carnal and tremendously danceable. Doesn’t matter what you want to call it, big beat, electro punk , rave or breakbeat, their sound is a punch that burn the dancefloor and that’s made to be heard at full volume. And now they return with a new album, “The Day Is My Enemy”.

Who hasn’t surrendered themselves to hits like “Voodoo People,” “Firestarter”, “Breathe” or ‘Smack my Bitch Up”? With big tunes, screeching sounds, demented frequencies and brazen lyrics they have won a reputation as one of the greatest live bands in the world.

The Prodigy have turned live electronica into a battleground in which they fight on their feet with furious energy and seeing them at FIB 2015 will be a chance to come face to face with these live heavyweight champions of the world. Today at 1.10h.

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