Productora de Pardals: Voices From The Lake

Voices From The Lake is the collaboration between two old friends, Italian producers Donato Dozzy and Neel (the engineer and producer Giuseppe Tilleci). Both are huge fans of contemplative electronica and ambient music in their many guises. Their music is thoughtful but physical, seemingly simple, punctuated by repetitive techno beats, hypnotic sound layers and micro-effects that evoke the spirit of their essential influence: nature. Their last self-titled album was released on Prologue, receiving rave reviews and high praise across the mainstream media, and was even listed as best album of 2012 by Resident Advisor. The duo will release their new material, “Live At The MAXXI”, on June 22nd on Editions Mego, including a Paolo Conte cover.

Dozzy and Tilleci are expert creators in the field of electronica, Dozzy already being a highly respected artist for his numerous minimalist techno albums, some of which were released on his own label (Dozzy Music), as well as his most recent album on Spectrum Spools, sister label of Mego (soon to release Tilleci’s debut album under his Neel alias). Their partnership has been extremely rewarding both in the studio and for their live shows, as reflected by their latest release, “Velo di Maya”, comprised of three long tracks that were the product of a six hours at the New York club The Bunker and included separate sets by both members


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