Productora de Pardals: Folded Like Fabric

Mestre Bergman and his Producora de Pardals introduce us to a brand new band. Folded Like Fabric is a Hastings, UK, two-piece consisting of Jay Vincenzo Marzaiolli and another, unnamed member, and the soft, supremely gorgeous music they make is criminally overlooked. Sure, the members only have a handful of tracks to their name, no (seeming) ties to social media, and a lack of co-signs other than Joradan Raker’s recent sharing of their latest original track, “Patiently”, but that’s no excuse for them not to have gained a more substantial base of fans than their hundred or so followers on SoundCloud would seem to indicate they have at this point. Efforts like the aforementioned “Patiently” and “Too Easy” express the kind of indie-alternative-tinged acoustic music that the masses would fall necessarily in love with upon hearing, and we hope that with them here highlighted, the two will find the kind of success that they so obviously deserve.



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