Productora de Pardals: Tuska

Tuska  released their debut single Fine a while ago. Mestre Bergman introduced to us this duo from Brighton  whose members are: Richard Sturges and Rob Weaver.

Born out of their love for Modern British Rock and all things Psychedelic, Tuska meld together spacey synths, crunchy guitar riffs and falsetto vocals with intricate songwriting to provide a complete experience for the listener. Both multi-instrumentalist and experimentalists Sturges and Weavermeticulously create every inch of their songs harnessing the ability to stuff the right drum beat under the right melody, or peppering the right harmony to compliment the appropriate backing vocal.

Tuska’s debut single Fine is the perfect introduction from the duo, a psych-pop track which builds to an irresistible chorus ignited by a weighty riff that just refuses to leave your head. These three minutes embodies exactly what the band are: cinematic, melodic and intriguing. Some few ago the’ve just released a new song “We could be alone”

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