White Summer 2016

White Summer, a festival of current trends that’s been held on the Costa Brava since 2012 and that combines music, shopping, gastronomy, art and shows in one space, comes to Barcelona for the first time. Five stages host all kids of artists, from up-and-coming musicians to acrobats and circus artists who dance on air.

Music highlights include Maika Makovski, a hypnotic performer who writes, sings and acts, presenting her new album, ‘Chinook Wind’ (2016); and American artist Maïa Vidal, a Barcelona resident, with her third record, ‘You’re the Waves’ (2015), a mix of electric folk, electronica and world music.

Rhythm and beat are provided by Markooz, Spanish champion Beatbox artist known internationally for his personal style and creativity when it comes to producing rhythms, melodies and sound effects… with his mouth. You’ll also see saxophonists Mark & Martin Duo performing classics of jazz via a curious dialogue between them; Brodas Bros, a company of hip-hop, urban culture and dance with a master class on the history of hip-hip dance and music.

Yldor Llach rediscovers the bicycle with his astounding acrobatics on two wheels and creates unusual images to surprise audiences; the Estampadas company fuses dance-theatre and aerial techniques with different supports to conquer unusual spaces; and Las Rojas are in charge of making you crane your neck to watch their magical aerial acrobats with hanging fabrics. Finally, Joana Sardà offers a singular performance where she paints a mural accompanied by live music. Tonight and tomorrow at l’Antiga Fàbrica DAMM.

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