The muses of La Musa: Jenny Hval

Our muse of the week comes from the cold Norway and she’s gonna be today at Primavera Sound. There are few biographies that are as curious as that of the Norwegian singer songwriter Jenny Hval: she started in a gothic metal band, got into ethereal pop and experimentation under the moniker Rockettothesky and now under her own name she has established herself as one of the most original and committed voices in contemporary pop. On “Innocence Is Kinky”, her fourth album, she uses songs that oscillate between the vapours of Kate Bush and the abstraction of FKA Twigs to explore themes of gender and sexuality and to tackle political questions, but it is on “Apolcalypse, Girl” that she has taken her condition of performer, intellectual critique and creator of provocative pieces of distorted pop even further and her name is now a synonym for commitment and creative freedom.

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