Local Bands: AWWZ

Behind the four onomatopoeic letters lies the young but experienced Barcelona producer who is catching the attention of everyone in the city’s vibrant scene. The reason for this interest and acclaim is largely thanks to her work “Glid”, a five track EP released on new artistic platform Galaxxxy Sandwich, hailing from the Egyptian Maraccas label. On “Glid” (which in Swedish means “slide”) Awwz pens an alluring sound mixing future beats, pop and r&b, with translucent melodies, sensual vocals and slow and simmering imaginative rhythms. Awwz will perform on Friday at Sónar at 2pm by Day by opening proceedings on the green grass of SonarVillage. She will be accompanied (on a couple of tracks) by Bearoid, another of Barcelona’s young and upcoming producers and EP collaborator.

Awwz is the new project from Gemma. She began her artistic career as part of the Thug Ladies duo, performing at several of Spain’s key festivals and venues, especially at Razzmatazz, where she honed her skills as resident DJ. As a solo artist, Awwz debuted with the “Gals” EP on American label Freshmore, which received excellent feedback both in Spain and Latin America and saw her perform in Mexico and Colombia. Awwz has created her own unique brand with just a handful of tracks that she describes as “shower music”. This is visually illustrated in the fantastic interactive video for her song, “Awake”.

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