Best Covers: Crocodiles “‘Groove Is In The Heart/California Girls”

“We’re going to dance and have some fun,” starts Dee-Lite’s ‘Groove Is In The Heart’, which has been filling dance floors from the day is was released way back in the summer of 1990.

Well, not exactly bringing it up to date but more shifting it to a slightly more black denim- and leather-clad side of the nineties are San Diego noise pop pioneers Crocodiles. The flip of their ‘Sleep Forever’ single, this dirge-filtered cover of the 90′s dance classic perhaps won’t make you want to “dance and have some fun” but it will have the frequenters of indie discos swaying mournfully and partaking in some fairly liberal chin stroking.

As it effortlessly switches into a the unforgettable Beach Boys chorus of “I wish they all could be California Girls” Crocodiles have managed to suck the summer out of two of the most sun-kissed songs going. Quite frankly, it’s brilliant.

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