The sophisticated sounds of Glass Animals

Today  we will have the opportunity to see Glass Animals’ sophisticated live act in an indoor venue in Barcelona.

This recently announced concert by the Oxford quartet in Barcelona precedes their participation in Primavera Sound, when they will perform on one of the stages of the Parc del Fòrum.

Their first album, “Zaba”, opened the doors of the Olympus of electronic pop to them and was a hit in the United States, where they became even more popular than in their native England. With their sophisticated cross between bedroom pop and melancholic electronic music still marking the path to follow, the band fronted by Dave Bayley has slightly increased the pace on “How To Be A Human Being”, the second album that they release on Wolf Tone (Adele’s producer Paul Epworth’s label) and change of direction with which their sound becomes brighter and more upbeat. Tonight at Sala Apolo.

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