Minimúsica 2017

Minimúsica is one of these kids’ activities that parents mark in red on their calendar and start new WhatsApp groups for, to find out who has tickets. This year the music festival for children has moved to Poble Espanyol, which, in addition to being big enough to host the varied programme of events, will on Sunday 2 be transformed into a city built just for kids, where they can run and play in the streets and squares without their parents having to worry about safety or cars coming along.

The music part is of course the foundation of the festival, so kids have access to all kinds of music to decide what they like and form their own opinions as well as enjoying all live music has to offer. The line-up this year features headliners El Petit de Cal Eril, Maïa Vidal, Pau Riba, and Los Ganglios. Other big draws are Candela y Los Supremos, the Big Band from the Escola Concepció school, and Miqui Puig DJ, among many others. The artists perform on stages tailor-made for the little ones as far as the size and volume of the music are concerned.

Minimúsica is a global festival, so you’ll also find plenty of activities related to science, cooking, technology and art. Something new this year is the Experiences Table, in the Poble Espanyol theatre, where families can discover aspects related to their kids’ learning and growing experiences, like dealing with emotions, schooling, body language and nutrition. And speaking of nutrition, you won’t find the typical kids’ menu at the festival; instead grown-ups and children eat the same gastronomic offering with healthy options that help kids discover different foods and flavours.

Babies and toddlers will have their own space with games adapted for kids up to age three, also equipped with an area for adults to relax, feed their offspring and change their nappies. Another new feature is the Market Km 0, where you can see what small local companies dedicated to the world of children have to offer, from clothing to toys and books.

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