Divus Julius presents…Kero Kero Bonito

Is it possible to mix delirious Japanese musical imagination with British pop? Can your name combine an oriental expression (Kero Kero is Japanese frog onomatopoeia) and a random-but-kawaii word in Spanish? Is it sensible to combine j-pop, dancehall and video game music in the same sound? And to do it in London? Singing the verses in Japanese and the choruses in English, or vice versa? Is Sarah Midori Perry maybe the best name ever for a frontwoman? Is it advisable to wait for five years to publish your first record so that every track is a hit and so that it is received like a strawberry ice cream in mid-August? Is it possible to predict which will be the most fun concert of the festival? Kero Kero Bonito leave us in no doubt: it’s a huge “yes” to all of the above.

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