Introducing…Amen Dunes

Amen Dunes, the energetic and hypnotic American band led by Damon McMahon, are back in Barcelona to present their latest album, ‘Freedom’ (2018), which comes four years after its predecessor, ‘Love’ (2014)

The past decade has been a time of transformation for Damon McMahon, the man behind the project Amen Dunes. For years, the New York artist actively avoid the spotlight, preferring to be something of a mysterious, globe-trotting figure who sporadically dropped abstract folk albums.

His new record, aptly titled Freedom, is a collection of his most accessible and personal songs yet. McMahon began recording it shortly after his mother was diagnosed with a terminal cancer; his most recent single, “Believe,” is a hallucinatory folk meditation that tackles this subject directly, concluding with the simple, but intensely intimate, mantra: “When things go black, I got you.” Tonight in concert at Razzmatazz.

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