Introducing…Club Kuru

The band share eclectic inspiration from classic greats such as Shuggie Otis, Herbie Hancock and Quincy Jones. And you will often hear Steely Dan and The Beach Boys humming from within their studio walls. They use and have studied recording techniques from a bygone era, solely using analogue synthesisers and equipment. With musical roots firmly in the jazz and soul traditions they have built a richly textured, flowing, contemporary sound. Their music is characterised by its jerky grooves, mellow, silky vocals and harmonically complex song writing. 

Themes of lost love and broken dreams sit gently against a soft, summer backdrop. Ultimately, the sound is unique – it is the product of the band’s bare hands, put together in the space they worked tirelessly to perfect. They’ve already released a debut album called ‘Giving In’ and few days ago their brand new single ’49 Years’.

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