Divus Julius presents…Dilly Dally

Dilly Dally are a Toronto four-piece band who have returned from the brink of self-destruction. Their debut album Sore was a visceral offering of grunge-punk where lead singer and guitarist Katie Monks’ shrilling vocals are the focal point. Critical acclaim and world tours soon followed, but by the end of touring Sore, the quartet were close to dissolving as a band, their future in severe doubt after their members struggled with sustaining their mental health and coping with substance abuse and recovery. It’s the sort of exhaustion that so accompanies musicians on tour.

Now, though, they have rebuilt themselves from the ashes of their near-dissolution with their excellent follow-up Heaven. Combining the raging soundscapes of their signature gutter-punk and searing ferocity, Heaven is a record about survival, mental hardship and self-care.

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