Divus Julius presents…Walt Disco

Scottish pop quintet Walt Disco have shared their new single, “My Pop Sensibilities.” Though there’s no full-length to speak of yet, this Glasgow five-piece has been dropping dark, glittery singles for the past year or so, and this is another impressive addition to their repertoire.

The term “crooner” gets thrown around a lot, but Walt Disco’s James Potter’s low, flamboyant croon is unparalleled and capable of breaking a million hearts. “My Pop Sensibilities” pulls from the synth-heavy New Wave of Orange Juice, the jittery post-punk of Talking Heads and the moody New Romantic sonics of Boy George. Sharp, skittish guitars, bewitching synths and wounded vocals with a glamorous luster culminate in a Frankenstein’s monster of past pop stylings.

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