Music by Bergman: Lil Xan

The American rapper Diego Leanos, also known as Lil Xan, is considered one of the pioneers of the “sad rap” style. Rising to fame with the video for his song Betrayed and having released only one album, Total Xanachi, he has worked with artists like Diplo and Swae Lae and has embarked on his first USA tour.

Born in Redland, California in 1996 of Mexican parents, Leanos began to gain recognition through platforms such as SoundCloud and YouTube. His music started off as typical trap and later shifted towards a murkier, dream-like sound.

His single Betrayed went platinum and it peaked at no. 64 on the Bilboboard Hot 100. In December 2017, Leanos announced his The Xanarchy Tour, which sold out in five hours according to Billboard, the tour that also brings him to Spain for the first time. Tonight in concert at Razzmatazz.

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