Divus Julius presents…Hayden Thorpe

The spilt of Wild Beasts was a knock for fans. Held up as one of British indie’s most individualistic talents, the four boys from Kendal held a mystery that set them apart from the trilby and winkle-picker-wearing hordes of noughties indie boys. At the heart of their appeal was frontman Hayden Thorpe, a whisper-delicate vocalist whose lyrics targeted toxic masculinity and latent sexuality long before such things became regular headlines.

But last month, Thorpe returned from the dead. ‘Diviner’, his debut solo single, is an atmospheric cut of piano-led balladry, Hayden singing of the titular “diviner” like a man discovering a new spirituality. Now, Thorpe has announced a full-length release under that ethereal new guise, also titled ‘Diviner’. A record of “torch songs about intuition, belief and mysticism”, ‘Diviner’ is set for release on May 24 via Domino.

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