Music by Bergman: Chappaqua Wrestling

Brighton has produced a host of promising indie artists lately – several of which are bound for massive success. Although they’ve moved away now, Manchester certainly hasn’t taken the beach vibes out of Chappaqua Wrestling‘s Charlie Woods and Jake Mac.

The duo have caught the attention of many since their fairly recent formation, and there’s no mystery as to why. Pulling inspiration from artists like Steely Dan, Beach Boys and Teenage Fanclub, Chappaqua Wrestling are able to blend elements of indie rock and americana with atmospheric, electronic undertones in a way that feels familiar, but remains as unique as it sounds. Following their killer debut, “EP 1,” Charlie Woods and Jake Mac are back with their brand spankin’ new single ‘Plant Trees.’ Earth friendly and catchy as hell, the Manchester by way of Brighton boys have proven to be nothing short of talented.

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