The muses of La Musa: Alex Lahey

From uploading her music onto social media and playing gigs around Melbourne to opening up for Jimmy Eat World at a sold-out show at the Brooklyn Steel, Australian musician Alex Lahey has had an insane year of nonstop touring. On stage, she’s an explosive, kind of kooky but endearing rush of energy. Offstage, she’s genuine, down-to-earth, and has a calming and comfortable presence.

With a catchy, energetic sound and intimate lyrics, Lahey’s music has resonated and spread on a global scale, garnering attention from music media.  Alex Lahey has shared the second single from her forthcoming album, The Best of Luck Club. Humble nods to cheap hotel rooms and the nomadic nature of touring (draped sardonically across Lahey’s signature upbeat pop-punk melodies) make “Am I Doing It Right?” an instantly identifiable concession for anyone pursuing music.

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