Divus Julius presents: Kindness

Identity and otherness, two ideas that have dominated political and cultural discourse in 2017, hold a special sort of fascination for British alt-pop producer Adam Bainbridge. Growing up as a mixed race kid — his father is English, his mother an Indian exile from South Africa, the daughter of political prisoner Amina Desai — in the predominantly white town of Peterborough probably has something to do with it. Then, in 2006, he gave up on a promising career as a grime producer after an early encounter with homophobia and transphobia at the hands of a celebrated blogger who goes by the name Donald Crunk.

By the time he returned to the industry in 2009 — this time as musical magpie/singer-producer Kindness — he had made peace with the idea of being an outsider. This reflects in his music, which sounds more than anything like a celebration of difference (he called his second album Otherness).

Kindness has announced details of their third album ‘Something Like A War’. Recorded in a series of locations across the world and produced entire by themselves, the follow-up to their 2014 album ‘Otherness’ is set for release on 6th September via Female Energy. Listen below Kidness fresh new single ‘Raise Up.’


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