Best Covers: We Are Temporary ‘Gods & Monsters’ 

“While Lana Del Rey arguably grabs more headlines these days as a glamor-girl, it can be easy to forget that the songstress became famous for her songs.Mark Roberts, owner and co-founder of Stars & Letters Records, takes on Lana Del Rey’s ‘Gods & Monsters’ with his flourishing project We Are Temporary and in one fell swoop, he reminds us of the musical wanderlust that Lana Del Rey was originally known for.

Everything about We Are Temporary speaks to the dark and sultry with waves of light—a polarity that you only find in real, true, striking beauty and that makes the project so intriguing. This cover is no different; there’s a pronounced sense of right and wrong, light and dark, truth and lies beneath the vocals that takes the essence of the original in a completely different direction.

Influenced by everything from dream pop to goth to ambient sound, Roberts takes Lana Del Rey’s Gods & Monsters from something delicate and thinly veiled and turns it into something significantly more eerie, futuristic and industrial.”

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