The muses of La Musa: Céu

One of the persistent challenges facing artists is keeping things fresh. Brazilian singer Céu seems to have no problem with this, however. From her self-titled gem of a debut to the dub influenced Vagarosa, to the road trip-themed Caravana Sereia Bloom, as well as last year’s gorgeous live recording, she goes beat heavy on Tropix (Six Degrees Records).

In her quest for a more upbeat, rhythm-driven album, she employed the production help of French native Hervé Salters, aka General Elektriks, who cut his teeth playing keyboards for Femi Kuti and playing with Blackalicious and Lyrics Born, and Pupillo, drummer of one of a longstanding Brazilian feature, Naçao Zumbi, as well as his country’s most in-demand producer.

Utilizing Salters’ keyboard mastery, Céu has redefined her sound once again. She’s never been purely an electronic artist; her global temperament combined with a deep love for Brazil’s indigenous sounds shines through on every record. Tropix is no different. Any programming only adds to the organic nature of her unique style.

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