Hit of the week: DMA’s “Life Is a Game of Changing”

DMA’s have announced a new album called The Glow. It’s the Australian band’s third studio album and it’s set to come out on April 24th. To celebrate, they’ve shared new song, “Life Is a Game of Changing”, and a corresponding music video.

The Glow follows DMA’s previously released records For Now and Hills End. They first caught our attention back in 2016 for their amusing blend of of alt-rock, Britpop, and indie rock. Since then, they’ve only grown bigger. Based on this new song, it seems they’ve gotten louder, too.

“Life Is a Game of Changing” uses a thumping bass beat to kick off what appears to be the band’s new dance-focused era. It’s fast and flashy, so ready yourself for the chorus. By the time the descending synth glitter trickles in, it sounds like a Chemical Brothers track with pop vocals in the mix.

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