Divus Julius presents: Young Gun Silver Fox

Young Gun Silver Fox is a hard-to-resist duo. One member (singer-songwriter Andy Platts) is from California, while the other (multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee) hails from London; fittingly, the duo’s debut is called West End Coast.

You’ll recognize the sound — as the band’s label, Wax Poetics Records, puts it, it’s a “modern re-imagining of the classic West Coast AOR studio sound of the mid- to late ’70s.” In other words: yacht rock. With these new songs, Platts and Lee have lovingly recreated a sound and vibe from the past.

With their first two albums “West End Coast” (2015) and “AM Waves” (2018), Young Gun Silver Fox, formulated a modern version of the classic West Coast and soft rock sounds. The third album “Canyons” consequently develops the formula with ten well thought-out compositions, wonderful harmonies, incisive brass and inimitable sound images.

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