Music by Bergman: LoveLeo

LoveLeo is an American model, influencer, TikTok star, and musician,  His name is Leo Reilly and he has a very famous father, actor John C. Reilly. Leo is a really fashionable dude and designs clothing and jewelry, as well.

Leo Reilly grew up in thefoothillsof the San Gabriel Mountains outside Los Angeles, sharing backyard space with black bears and coyotes. He records cross-legged on his bed, directly into his Macbookmicrophone, over whatever wild combination of a type beat he can find on the web.

LoveLeo songs are deceptively simple earworms that probe big ideas with a light touch. First single “BOYFREN” –with its infuriatingly catchy chorus about jealousy and unrequited love –shot to #1 on Spotify’s Global and US Viral charts and found fans everywhere from Genius to Pitchfork to New York Mag.

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