Introducing: The Driver Era

Their music hides the curious combination of the classical air and a look towards tomorrow.  It is an impeccable but unpredictable style that invites endless possibilities to be imagined.  The brothers invite you to face the emotion of escaping or the negative of remaining in a place for a certain time.

Rocky Lynch is one of the best known guitarists in the United States and he was one of the founders of R5. Ross Lynch is also a songwriter and dancer and stands out for his facet as an actor, having participated in the successful ten series on the Disney Channel, Austin & Ally playing Austin Moon and now, for his role as Harvey Kinkle in the Netflix series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

The union of the talent of both brothers has led them to compose great hits, such as their  album, X, with singles like Preacher Man, Afterglow, Low, Feel You Now, Welcome to the End of Your LifeA Kiss or Forever Always.

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