Music by Bergman: Blood Cultures

The east coast psych-pop outfit Blood Cultures has quite a unique look. So, who are these mystery men? Slipping onto the scene in 2017 with their cult-favorite debut project Happy Birthday, Blood Cultures became an underground success slowly bubbling to the surface with genre-bending gems like “No Favors” and “Best For You.” 

Blood Cultures drop their new single “Keeps Bringing Me Back” with a captivating music video to boot. Set against a dark indie-electronic soundscape, “Keeps Bringing Me Back” explores dual meanings – an internal exploration of darkness alongside the growth that comes with self-acceptance. 

Blood Cultures has so far been an anonymous project, but today, the veil of secrecy has been lifted in honour of their Pakistani-American heritage. The new song stands for embracing their identity and personal journey. 

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