Divus Julius presents: Snapped Ankles

London based post-punk band Snapped Ankles were formed in East London in 2011, the band became known for their DIY nights, performing in “shamanistic costumes” with elements of performance art, live improvisations and art-rock.

 Musically the four-piece make dance-infused, post-punktronica which channels the improvisational spirit of Can into the visionary efficiency of Devo and delivered with relentless energy. It’s the sort of music that makes you want to move, but that’s not the main reason they’re best known for their incredible live performances. It’s not a rock show, it’s the immersive experience of entering their electronic forest. Dressed head to toe in ghillie suits and playing self-made synthesisers built from rotten logs, they create a visual spectacle on whatever stage they occupy. They create an atmosphere that stimulates all senses and is like nothing you’ve seen before.

Two years on since the release of ‘Stunning Luxury’ they have announced that their new album ‘Forest Of Your Problems’ will be landing on 2nd July via The Leaf Label.

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