The muses of La Musa: Cassandra Jenkins

New York City based Cassandra Jenkins released her first full-length album, Play Till You Win, in April 2017. Her vision and scope of influences are broad, idiosyncratic and ever-changing. Cassandra uses the clarity and smoldering sense of longing conveyed by her “smoky vocals”to transcend her urban surroundings in order to connect to a deeper, quintessentially American vein of expression that showcases a sophisticated art heart and a mature point of view about the masks and complications of desire.

The lavish jazz pop of Cassandra Jenkins unlocks the same healing properties as the warm Norwegian water she sings of on An Overview on Phenomenal Nature, the lusciously arranged, intricately performed sophomore album from the New York songwriter. 

Over a gorgeous palette of dreamlike folk, ambient synthpop and sensuous jazz arrangements, Jenkins relates a series of deeply intimate stories.

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