Divus Julius presents: Sunni Colón

Sunni Colón is a singer, songwriter, record producer, director, and installation artist from Los Angeles,  Colón released is debut EP Thierry Disko in 2016, which was quickly extolled by Saint Heron for its “perfect blend of nostalgic funk, soul, R&B, and rock & roll” and was praised by i-D for its “compelling, contemporary spin on those high-energy 70s funk grooves and psych rock riffs”.

Sunni moved to Paris, where he worked on his second EP, Satin Psicodelic, and established his design and multimedia agency TETSU, producing his multi-sensory installation series Manifest 1.0 in NYC. Sunni hopes to succeed in more than simply entertaining — he continues to design and contribute to innovative and impactful infrastructure projects.

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