Music by Bergman: Hollow Coves

A dynamic indie folk group brimming with their passion for travel and observing different shades of the world, Hollow Coves is the project of Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins.  After meeting in 2013 through mutual friends and a shared love of acoustic music, the boys began writing together with no real expectations for where it might lead. Five years later, Ryan and Matt’s memories from their travels across all corners of the globe have led to a range of new music influenced by their journeys.

In 2019, the duo released their debut full length Moments, comprised of 11 tracks inspired by the duo’s reflecting on a variety of moments and unforgettable shared experiences in their lives and the lives of those around them over the past three years.

Brisbane duo Hollow Coves released their latest EP Blessings earlier this year. Written and recorded from their home studio on the Gold Coast, their music captures the warm and inviting essence of the sunny shores. Following the trend, their new single “Purple” evokes a sensation of comfort and bright emotions, brought on through their soaring melodies and charming instrumentation.

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