4Ever Songs: Opus ‘Life Is Life’

Live is Life” is the 1984 track by Austrian band Opus. The song has a positive beat and message, discussing the beauty of life when everyone gets together and looks out for one another.

The track was created during a concert in Oberwart on the 2nd September 1984, while the group was celebrating their eleventh anniversary. In 1994, the group released another version of  “Live is Life” for the FIFA World Cup. In 1989, the song was played during the warm up between FC Bayern Munich and S.S.C. Napoli.

There is no official music video for the song, however on Opus‘ YouTube channel there is a video of the group performing the song at the Arena Vienna in Austria in January 1985. The video was directed by Anders Stenmo and was produced by Opus. Since its upload to YouTube in August 2012, as of the 21st August 2021, the video has received over 40.3 million views and over 310 thousand likes.

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