Music by Bergman: RY X

From his breakthrough moment ‘Berlin’ to his 2019 studio album ‘Unfurl’, RY X has captivated audiences worldwide with songs that simultaneously simmer with confessional intimacy, hypnotic musical motifs, and a palpable sense of cinematic drama. Having amassed over 700 million streams and sold-out shows wherever he has travelled, RY X now builds anticipation for his upcoming third album by sharing his brand-new single ‘Let You Go’. Listen below.

‘Let You Go’ opens with sparse acoustic guitar before RY X’s hazy vocals rise and dissipate like waves drifting in from the ocean. From that point, ‘Let You Go’ exudes an ambience that swirls between soft serenity and a taut, nervous intensity. It’s an atmosphere drawn from the two dominant elements of his sound: the warmth of the pure expression of his vocal and the nuanced mix of live elements and off-kilter electronic beats that makes his production style so singular.

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