The muses of La Musa: Lykke Li

Exploring the spectrum of love and pain, Swedish indie pop artist Lykke Li updated the sounds of ’50s-’60s girl group pop for the 21st century on her breakthrough 2008 debut, Youth Novels. With confessional lyrics and often delicate vocals, she matured on the beat-driven Wounded Rhymes (2011) and sweeping I Never Learn (2014). Following this trio of releases — all produced with Björn Yttling — Li traveled in a new direction, adopting the sounds of late-2010s trends with mainstream pop producers on so sad so sexy (2018).

 Lykke Li has announced the new album Eyeye. The album, pronounced “Eye,” is out May 20 (via PIAS/Crush). Li made Eyeye, described in a press release as “an immersive audiovisual album,” with her I Never Learn collaborator Björn Yttling.

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