4Ever Songs: The Weeknd ‘Blinding Lights’

The Weeknd‘s ‘Blinding Lights’ reached its 100th week on the UK’s biggest chart show. The song first entered the chart at the end of 2019 then spent the start of 2020 as The Official Big Top 40 Number 1.

‘Blinding Lights’ re-entered the chart during 2021 and for the very-first chart of 2022, its fourth year running in the Top 40. It extends its record as the song with the most weeks in the chart ever, blowing its nearest the competition out of the water. ‘Blinding Lights’ has seen similar success in the US. The song holds the record too for the most weeks ever in the chart. Undoubtedly, ‘Blinding Lights’ has become The Weeknd‘s most-successful song of his career so far.


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