The muses of La Musa: Alice Boman

On her second album The Space Between, the Swedish singer/songwriter continues to inhabit a distinctly interior world. There’s no weather to her songs. No social context. No third-party pressures. Only the appealing of one heart to another. But where her long-in-the-works debut Dream On was largely immersed in the mechanics of drifting and falling apart, here her gaze is pointed in the opposite direction.

Built atop skittering jazz drums and spare piano, interwoven with meandering flute-like synths, “Soon” creates a peaceful aural vista immediately. Boman capitaises on this with her words and vocals, which soothe and comfort, beseeching the listener (and herself) to let out whatever trouble they have bottled up inside. With all the mellow and gorgeous tones on offer, it doesn’t take much for Boman to tease that stress right out, and remind us that it’s better to express your feelings than bottle them up.


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