Music by Bergman: Gaz Coombes

Supergrass leader Gaz Coombes has a new solo album on the way called Turn The Car Around, which is out in January It’s the follow-up to 2018’s World’s Strongest Man, and he announced it in September with “Don’t Say It’s Over.” Coombes is back with another single, “Long Live The Strange,” which in a press release he says was inspired by going to see the English singer-songwriter Cavetown with his daughter in 2020.

Based around a swirling, art-rock groove, the elegantly constructed song sees Coombes recalling the heady first night he met his future wife. As a taster of the masterfully written and recorded songs contained within ‘Turn The Car Around’, it is a perfect reminder of exactly why Coombes remains one of the country’s most enduring and loved songwriters who continues to hone and develop this craft.


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