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4Ever Songs: James “Getting Away with It (All Messed Up)”

James is known in America mostly for their song “Laid,” but they’ve had far greater success in their native England. “Getting Away with It (All Messed Up)” was the only single released on their ninth studio album, Pleased to Meet You, which came out on Mercury Records. It hit #22 on the UK charts and helped the LP go to #11 on the UK Album charts.

The muses of La Musa: Harkin

Having been touring since she was a teenager with both her own bands, and in others, including Sleater-Kinney, Wild Beasts, Flock Of Dimes, and Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett All of these experiences have informed Harkin’s sound, morphing into an intricate formation of essential alt-rock and experimental alternative

“Body Clock” is the lead outing from Harkin‘s new album, and arrives with a video game-inspired video by Pastel Castle.

Divus Julius presents:The Black Angels

The Black Angels have returned with news of a new album; their seventh, it’s to be titled Wilderness of Mirrors and drops in September. ‘El Jardín’ is our first taste of the record.

A vibrating invocation of happiness and humanness, ‘El Jardín’ is rather upbeat for The Black Angels, who have become known for their dark psychedelic rock. A further fourteen tracks will drop alongside it when the full album comes at the dawn of autumn.

Hit of The Week: Belle And Sebastian ‘A Bit Of Previous’

Last month, Belle And Sebastian released their first new album in seven years, A Bit Of Previous. Now, they’re sharing a new one-off single: the song the record was named after, which didn’t appear on the album itself. “A Little Bit Of Previous” comes along with a hand-drawn video by Graham Samuels and Henrik Appel.

Music by Bergman: Jimmy Eat World

Emerging as a trailblazing name in the mid-’90s emo scene, Jimmy Eat World eventually found a larger audience by embracing a blend of alternative rock and power pop that targeted the heart as well as the head. 

The band’s influence widened considerably with 1999’s Clarity but it was the band’s follow-up, 2001’s Bleed American, and the infectious single “The Middle” that broke them into the commercial rock mainstream. The emo label proved difficult to shake throughout the 2000s, even when subsequent Top 10 albums Futures (2004) and Chase This Light (2007) did little to evoke the hard-edged sensitivity of Clarity, but Jimmy Eat World still remained a league above the generation of genre torch-bearers they helped spawn. 

Jimmy Eat World have shared a punchy new track called ‘Something Loud’ The track is the band’s first single since ‘Love Never’, which was released in 2019 and featured on the album ‘Surviving’.