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The Muses of La Musa: OKLOU

A 2016 Red Bull Music Academy alumnus, Marylou Mayniel’s beguiling music has soft edges but a stone-hard core. The Parisienne’s unique sound is the product of a rich and varied musical upbringing, having started playing piano at five and only warming to the digital comforts of Logic in 2012.  With the release of her EP Rite of May in early 2018, the producer, vocalist, and composer, taps into childhood memories to produce emotionally charged electronic pop. A DJ and founder of the radio crew TGAF (‘These Girls Are on Fiyah’), the London based artist has already made significant strides in the electronic world and as demonstrated by her latest work, will continue to do so. She’s just released her brand new album ‘Galore.’

Divus Julius Presents: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are an American Indie band, originally from Brooklyn, (New York) and Philadelphia, (Pennsylvania). The group, whose members met at the University of Connecticut, formed in early 2004 and began playing clubs in Manhattan and Brooklyn. is led by Alec Ounsworth.

They are known to achieve their fame through the internet without using any record company. They debuted with an eponymous album, “Clap Your Hands Say Yeah”, self-produced and self-distributed, which found worldwide resonance mainly through its promotion through the Internet and the attendance of well-known rock figures such as David Bowie or David Byrne at their concerts.

Three years on since their last album ‘The Tourist’Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have announced that their new album ‘New Fragility’ will be out on 29th January. Sharing two brand new singles to celebrate the news, Alec Ounsworth says of ‘Hesitating Nation’ and ‘Thousand Oaks’, “These songs are politically motivated, which is unusual for me.

Hit Of The Week: Priya Ragu ‘Good Love 2.0’

Priya Ragu makes her major label debut with addictive single ‘Good Love 2.0’. The Tamil-Swiss artist draws on a diverse array of influences, a truly global pop style that reflects her heritage while pointing towards the future. Out now, new single ‘Good Love 2.0’ is a fresh start, a new beginning, with her buoyant vocal focussing on the search for love and spirituality.

Music by Bergman: Viagra Boys

Sweden’s worst kept secret, Viagra Boys is a garage-rock /post-punk band. Their critically acclaimed debut album “Street Worms” was released in September 2018. Back in March, Viagra Boys surprise dropped a new EP called Common Sense. It was pretty great and hinted at more new music on the horizon. Some days ago, the band has returned with news of just that: In January, Viagra Boys will greet the new year with a sophomore outing titled Welfare Jazz. Along with the announcement, Viagra Boys have shared a new song called “Ain’t Nice.”


Cavetown is the artist name for 20-year-old musician Robin Skinner. From a young age, Skinner’s talents were apparent as he started making and recording music in 2013. Gaining popularity after his YouTube channel launched in 2014, he would release singles and albums on his Bandcamp page.

After the release of his viral single “This Is Home,” Skinner went on to release more melodic bedroom pop and gentle ukulele ballads as he continued to tell his tales of love and loss, and yearning to make sense of life. His breakout album Lemon Boy showcases his bright melodies, effortless songwriting, and his continued effort to share very genuine and personal experiences. Cavetown is sharing his brand new track ‘Sharpener’, alongside a stunning animated video by Cheng Qiu.

4Ever Songs: Led ZeppeliN ‘Whole Lotta Love’

Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ is a track that would ultimately play a pivotal role in shaping the career of one of the most vital band’s of all time, allowing Zeppelin to become a stadium-filling group who would soundtrack rock music for years to come.

The legendary track took over a year to perfect with Jimmy Page initially coming up with the intuitive riff during the summer of 1968, a period of time when he was residing in his houseboat on the River Thames. Unfortunately, the riff didn’t find a home on their self-titled debut which was released the following January but, showing longevity, the glorious composition was eventually put to good use.