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4Ever Songs: The Sugarhill Gang “Rapper’s Delight”

“Rapper’s Delight” is perhaps the longest hip-hop track ever made but is also the first commercially successful single in the hip-hop world. Sung by the Sugarhill Gang, a hip-hop group from New Jersey consisting of three men: Michael “Wonder Mike” Wright, Guy “Master Gee” O’Brien and Henry “Hen Dogg” Williams.

The track lasts for 14 minutes and 34 seconds long. It samples the beat from 70’s group “CHIC”’s infamous track “Good Times”. CHIC’s Nile Rodgers actually threatened legal action when he heard an early version of “Rapper’s Delight” (which consisted of bassist Bernard Edwards bass line in “Good Times”) in a nightclub in New York, the DJ telling him that he had bought the record that day. Both Rodgers and Edwards are now marked as co-writers in the track. A large portion of the track also uses stanzas from Grandmaster Caz (Curtis Fisher), who didn’t get any credit or money for the song’s success at the time, and Caz admits to the song sending him to sleep the first time he heard it.

The muses of La Musa: Minuit Machine

Minuit Machine is a French parisian duo born in 2013. The members are Hélène de Thoury (instrumental) and Amandine Stioui (vocals). Hélène and Amandine ’s music is a subtle mix of moving voices, poignant synth lines, and deep electronic beats.
Their music is also described as disrupted, emotional, and terribly addictive. It will make you wanna dance your heart out to express all the rage, passion, and angst you have inside of you.

Divus Julius presents: Dinosaur Jr.

The years, the decades pass by and it is still difficult to believe that Dinosaur Jr., always such slackers with their undefined line, were the master beam of much of the alternative rock that came later. J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph are masters of burying melodies in noise . They are also a point of reference in that difficult game between assimilating the past without appearing to be revisionists .

Dinosaur Jr. have shared a second single, “Garden,” from their upcoming album Sweep It Into Space.

Hit of The Week: Sons of Kemet “Hustle”

Sons of Kemet, the Mercury Prize-nominated future jazz group spearheaded by saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings, have announced their new album: it’s called Black To The Future and arrives on May 14 through Impulse! Records. 

“Hustle” marks the group’s first new outing in three years, after their 2018 album Your Queen is a Reptile, and is accompanied by a Ashleigh Jadee-directed video. The new track also features backing vocals from Lianne La Havas.

Music by Bergman: Xiu Xiu

Though Xiu Xiu is now a duo with Angela Seo, Jamie Stewart is the lifetime member. He’s spent the last 20 years blazing an illegible path, musically and morally, between queer politics and shock-jock shtick, radical vulnerability and repugnant cruelty, good faith and bad taste. The music varies wildly in style from punky folk and dreamy pop to experimental electronics and harsh noise, all teeming with global instruments.

In their new albim OH NO Jamie Stewart duets with more than a dozen indie, punk, and experimental music colleagues, and what results is a surprisingly sweet meditation on friendship, with nary a try-hard shock to be found.


Flamingosis is the moniker of Aaron Velasquez, a New Jersey-based electronic music producer, beatboxer and DJ. The name Flamingosis is derived from a move invented by his father, a five-time free-style frisbee world champion. Flamingosis fuses together influence from beat scene pioneers like J Dilla with a deep love of vintage funk and disco to create new takes on old styles. in 2016, flamingosis released 2 records, “Bright Moments” and “Great Hair” and broke 15 million plays on soundcloud.

 Flamingosis has shared his brand new single, “Cosmic Feeling”, and curates a frisbee-fueled journey to the cosmos in its animated music video. The song samples Niteflyte’s 1979 classic “If You Want It” atop lush strings, synthy melodies, and a stank-face-inducing bass line.