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Divus Julius presents…Courtship.

When the crafts of two talented songwriters collide, it is highly likely that you will get some awesome music. Los Angeles based duo Courtship. (the dot is there on purpose) is composed by Eli Hirsch, who previously worked for the likes of DREAMERS and Ethan Burns, and by Micah Gordon, who did the same with Tobias Jesso Jr. They met while playing in yet another band, Bloodboy, but then they decided to go on their own, writing and producing music in Micah’s bedroom by the ocean.

The band’s first two tracks, the anthem-in-waiting Stop For Nothing’ and the equally heady ‘Love For Everyone’, saw the pair mastering sunny synth-pop with no thought for consequence. ‘Sail Away’ sees them more reflective and wary, but still completely joyous.

Divus Julius presents…Charlie Cunningham

Nascut en una petita ciutat de la perifèria de Londres, Charlie Cunningham va convertir aviat la guitarra i el piano en una part important de la seva vida. Va aprendre els secrets de la composició i després d’entrenar-se a petits locals d’Oxford va emprendre un viatge a Sevilla, on va viure dos anys explorant diferents maneres d’apropar-se a la guitarra després de desenvolupar una tècnica que va ser un catalitzador per a la seva creativitat. Prenent com a referent les qualitats percutives del flamenc, les seves cançons s’enlairen entre delicades floritures i moments introspectius.

Perfeccionista en grau suprem, es va prendre el seu temps fins a publicar unes suggerents i emocionants cançons, amb una mirada folk que no té res a envejar a José González, Ben Howard o Damien Rice. La seva música, acústica i intimista, va superar el milió de reproduccions a Spoty amb el primer EP “Outside Things” (2014). Els seguidors van augmentar després de publicar el segon i tercer  EPs, “Breather” (2015) i “Heights” (2016), i penjar a YouTube unes “Live Sessions” que reflecteixen l’emotiva atmosfera del seu directe.

En el Festival Mil·lenni presentarà l’àlbum de debut “Lines”, una col·lecció de temes que sonen frescos i ja familiars. La connexió amb el flamenc, evident a “Long Grass” o “Own Speed”, segueix estant al fons però en la forma les cançons han guanyat personalitat. A més, recupera alguns dels temes favorits dels seus fans, com “Lights Off”, “Breathe” o “While You Are Young”, però en versions noves. També hi ha estrenes: el lirisme confident de “Minimum” o el rampell vocal d’“Answers”, pavimentant nous camins pel que serà la seva primera gran gira per Europa.

Divus Julius presents…NoMBe

A cross pollination of genres that intertwine to create the sound of NoMBe. The German born singer who now calls L.A his home town has touched on something that integrates psychedelic infused electro-soul tracks. With music spanning through NoMBe’s life influenced by family and friends it is no wonder his path has been chosen. Change Of Hearts was his first EP and with an album in the works the growth of NoMBe is only just beginning.

Divys Julius presents…Oh Wonder

London-based writing duo Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht originally came to light under the name “Wonder Wonder,” which they changed after posting two songs on their Soundcloud page. A band with a similar name suggested that they change their name, but the two insisted on keeping their favorite word “wonder” as a part of their stage name.

In September of 2014, they began releasing one song on the first of each month, which would last for an entire year. They probably didn’t think that their project, Oh Wonder, would explode. Their self-titled debut album, packed with twelve gems released across the course of a year, became something of a phenomenon. Now they come back with a new gem called “Ultralife”.

Divus Julius presents…Merchandise

Merchandise returned with a new album with summery lead single “Flower of Sex”. The post-punk outfit released the album called A Corpse Wired For Sound. The nine-track effort serves as the follow-up to one of 2014’s best LPs in After the End. It was recorded in Italy, Germany, Florida, and New York and represents something of a metaphoric “death” of the band.  They’ll play at Razzmatazz 3 tomorrow.