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Hit of The Week: Yves Tumor ‘Jackie’

Continuing to dazzle, Yves Tumor has shared sizzling new single ‘Jackie’, accompanied by a magnetic video created by Actual Objects, marking their first release since last year’s ‘Heaven To A Tortured Mind’. Alongside the fierce new song, Yves Tumor has also confirmed that they’ll be heading off on a US, UK and European tour.

Music by Bergman: Shiny Joe Ryan

A mane of curly locks, a hilarious sense of humour, a lilting Irish brogue, Shiny Joe Ryan is a bit of an enigma.

His musical offerings are as unique as he is – a mix of genres encompassing country, pop and rock, all mangled and mashed into something new, strange and tender. The result, after incubating inside the eccentric mass of hair and ideas that is the noggin of Joe, is The Cosmic Microwave Background.

Now, The POND multi-instrumentalist’s new album, Shiny’s Democracy, will be his first in seven years when it arrives on July 23rd. He presents the whimsical new single ‘Ketamine’ alongside the droll visual accompaniment.

Best Covers: ERic Clapton ‘Cocaine’

 Eric Clapton has arguably lived two lives. From the groundbreaking blues-rock innovation and extended guitar solos of his early work to the pop perfection of his elder days, Clapton has won 17 Grammys and remains the Rock n’ Roll Hall Of Fame’s first and only ‘triple inductee’.

Nonetheless, a major philosophical beacon for Clapton and the conduit to his metamorphosis is the prophet of Tulsa Blues, J.J.Cale,

While most people attribute the catchy Cocaine to Eric Clapton and his free-wheeling ways it was indeed the criminally underrated blues mastermind J. J. Cale who penned the tune. 


Benjamin Garrett, aka Fryars, has always bucked trends. His startling second album ‘Power’ was always more than just a labour of love; a journey of the imagination built around a story that spans three continents and deals with all the deliciousness of life; love, greed, loss and death.

With his new album ‘God Melodies’ arriving on 16th July, the English art pop singer is giving us the latest taste of what to expect, sharing new single ‘Moscow’ featuring Rae Morris!

4Ever Songs: Rheingold ‘Dreiklangs-Dimensionen’

Named after the opera by Richard Wagner, Düsseldorf’s Rheingold were part of Die Neue Deutsche Welle movement which also included artists such as Nena, Peter Schilling and Alphaville. Between 1980 to 1984, Rheingold released three albums ‘Rheingold’‘R.’ and ‘Distanz’, all working with the legendary Conny Plank.

Led by Bodo Staiger, the band also featured his now-wife Brigitte Staiger on backing vocals and Lothar Manteuffel on keyboards. Singing primarily in Deutsch, they also differed from their electronically driven contemporaries by having a more melodic vocal style and a distinctive rhythm guitar template.

Rheingold never performed live so have almost become a forgotten band whenever the history of German pop is discussed.

The muses of La Musa: Adna

Adna Kadic’smusic feels as cold as the Baltic at night, painted against a sombre landscape with stirring, heartfelt lyrics.The young Swedish singer’s emotionally-tinged songs bring the softly-voiced star to larger-than-life proportions through hallowed and crushing soliloquies to the night.  

Performed on the piano and guitar, Adna’s songs lead with the heart and are poignant and intensely moving. Scandinavian candour and a subtle approach to song writing, Adna has understandably been compared to the likes of Bon Iver and Daughter. Her music portrays the openness that only a young, gifted songstress can, exposing an opaque world through her gentle, tender arrangements.

Adna has shared her single ‘Don’t Know’, and announced her fourth album, ‘Black Water’.

Divus Julius presents: Sunni Colón

Sunni Colón is a singer, songwriter, record producer, director, and installation artist from Los Angeles,  Colón released is debut EP Thierry Disko in 2016, which was quickly extolled by Saint Heron for its “perfect blend of nostalgic funk, soul, R&B, and rock & roll” and was praised by i-D for its “compelling, contemporary spin on those high-energy 70s funk grooves and psych rock riffs”.

Sunni moved to Paris, where he worked on his second EP, Satin Psicodelic, and established his design and multimedia agency TETSU, producing his multi-sensory installation series Manifest 1.0 in NYC. Sunni hopes to succeed in more than simply entertaining — he continues to design and contribute to innovative and impactful infrastructure projects.