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Hit of the week: Confidence Man “Does It Make You Feel Good”

Australian electro-pop four-piece Confidence Man released their debut album, Confident Music for Confident People, last year to critical acclaim, and now they’re sharing their first taste of new music. Today (Nov. 18), they’ve unveiled a new single, “Does It Make You Feel Good,

“Does It Make You Feel Good” is invigorating dance-pop with the kind of pumping grooves that blur the line between the physical and spiritual. You can try your best to escape the clutches of their tantalizing rhythms, but paired with vibrant vocals and hypnotizing keyboards, they’re especially lethal. Led by Janet Planet and Sugar Bones, Confidence Man take listeners down a neon wormhole of house, pop and disco, posing questions as if they’re licensed dance music therapists.

Best Covers: Villagers ‘The Wonder of You’

Music played a big part in Big Little Lies season 1.  And in one of the pivotal moments of the show, Adam Scott’s character Ed Mackenzie sang a moving rendition of Elvis’s “The Wonder of You” during the finale’s talent show.  However, “The Wonder of You” was actually sung by a singer named Conor O’Brien. O’Brien is also the lead singer of an Irish band called The Villagers.

The muses of La Musa: Alice Phoebe Lou

Hailed by Consequence of Sound for her “atmospheric vocal delivery…jazzy indie rock arrangements…(and) experimental, avant-garde textures,” Alice Phoebe Lou truly touches celestial heights with her frankly astonishing new album, paper Castles.

The South Africa-based artist’s second full length recording is a breathtaking song cycle of romance and struggle, solitude and adventure, told through a free-spirited blend of electronic soul and psychedelic folk that highlight her honeyed vocals whilst revealing a limitless approach to musicality and craft.

Songs like “Galaxies” and the potent first single, “Something Holy,” are like snapshots of small intimacies, brief encounters, and moments that matter, all reverberating with authenticity, resourcefulness, and passion. Tomorrow in concert at Razzmatazz 2.

Divus Julius presents: Orville Peck

Emerging country musician Orville Peck, who is gay, only appears in public in a cowboy hat and mask, and his voice has earned favorable comparisons to Roy Orbison, Chris Isaak and Elvis Presley.

When listening to the mysterious nomad’s recently debut album Pony, it is clear the dusty roots of country music flows heavily through Peck’s bloodstream. Adopting and expanding upon an outlaw demeanor best illustrated by the likes of Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn and Waylon Jennings decades ago and more recently, Sturgill Simpson, Peck renders the timeless genre with otherness. Tomorrow in concert at Sidecar.

Music by Bergman: Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

It is a little selfish to say this, but I hope that Adam Mcllwee’s bitterness lasts for a long time so that we can carry on enjoying the way he channels it: by making songs. He lets off steam from time to time by releasing albums under the alias Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, but the pain doesn’t go away. He has made a way of life from it since he set up the GOTHBOICLIQUE collective at the beginning of the decade to lay down the foundations of emo-trap, without intending to. It is a movement that goes way beyond the musical: an impressive battalion of kids all around the world have started to understand his pain (and, therefore also to soothe it) thanks to the sorrowful rhymes of WPSE.

Introducing…The Msyterines

The Msyterines have crafted their own iconic sound driving garage rock which is direct, They make everything seem uncomplicated, visceral, exciting uncontrived and natural.  A rare talent which few have and with the right breaks the sky could be the limit for this young band.

Liverpool trio have debuted a brand new single. Titled ‘Who’s Ur Girl’, it’s their first new music since debut EP ‘Take Control’, which arrived back in the summer, and follows up on recent support slots with the likes of Royal Blood and Sea Girls.

The muses of La Musa: Greentea Peng

Hailing from South London and Hastings, Greentea Peng began singing after a long hiatus from it. Armed with a change in mindset and the life experience to go with it, the singer’s music is full of soulful sound, spiritual lyrics and spreading positive energy.

A psychedelic trip through lo-fi soul, her eclectic sound mirrors the diversity of the city she calls home. As Rising – her amazing new Ep- continues to push her name from the capital into playlists across the globe, it’s amazing to think that 24 year-old Aria Wells has only been working as a musician for a year.