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Best Covers: Ryan Adams “Karma Police”

People were surprised when Ryan Adams covered Taylor Swift’s entire 1989 album, but it’s even more surprising to hear him covering Radiohead. Yet Adams did just that during a BBC Radio 2 session Saturday.  After performing his Prisoner single “Doomsday,” Adams delivered a simple, beautiful solo cover of “Karma Police” .


Best Covers: Tame Impala “Angel”

I Dottore, nuestro particular cirujano musical nos regala esta semana una colosal y sorprendente versión. Tame Impala hicieron una versión del conocido tema ‘Angel‘ de Massive Attack en uno de sus conciertos del mes de Junio en Australia. Una version terroífica y pantagruélica esta “Angel” de los fabulosos Massive Attack‘s  perteneciente a su exitoso disco  Mezzanine.

Best Covers: Brian Eno “I’m Set Free”

Brian Eno is the man responsible for the famous quote about everybody who bought the first Velvet Underground album forming a band. In 2016 he paid tribute to the VU again with his ambient-touched cover of “I’m Set Free.” It may not cause a spike in band formations, but Eno’s warm vocals drifting down his river of musical atmosphere may well set listeners free to find new illusions of their own, which would no doubt bring pleasure to Eno – and maybe even to Lou Reed as well.

Best Covers: Ten Fé “Born Slippy”

Ten Fé  dropped a cover of Underworld’s Born Slippy .NUXX. The band transformed the original dance track into an amazing emotive rock anthem that has the feel of New Order or LCD Soundsystem.

Ten Fé’s debut album drops in February. Named Hit The Light. The album is the result of 4 long years’ of work, which has led them from busking on the London Underground, through a bedroom in Birmingham, to eventually recording in Berlin. The depth of their relationship, creative and personal, has seen them through. It’s no coincidence the name of this band means “Have faith”.

Best Covers: Charles Bradley “Changes.”

Soul heavyweight Charles Bradley has just released an absolutely beautiful cover of Black Sabbath‘s “Changes.” Expanding on Sabbath’s blues influence, Bradley turns “Changes” into a soulful powerhouse drenched in a heavy emotional sweat.

Bradley’s version feels like an original, a touching ode to loss and regret that the Screaming Eagle of Soul makes every bit his own. Bradley first recorded the cover while his mother Inez was dying in 2013. Bradley’s recent stomach cancer diagnosis, which lends yet another new layer of heart-rending sadness to the song. Despite stupefying power of its raw emotion, this song is a reminder that pain is a part of being human.

Best Covers: George Michael “True Faith”

Fa poc dies George Michael va morir a la seva casa de Londres. Aprofitem l’ avinentesa per rendir-li un petit homenatge. El nostre estimat Il Dottore. per cert ara viu a Londres, ens ha preparat com cada setmana una versió molt especial. En aquest cas la que va fer el cantant anglès d’una de les millors cançons dels també britànics New Order: “True Faith”. L’any 1984 mentre estava com a convidat al show “Eight Days A Week” declarà que era fan de Joy Division i que el seu disc “Closer” era un dels seus favorits. Anys després versionaria “True Faith” del New Order pel British charity Comic Relief,  La versió està farcida d’efectes vocals.