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Best Covers: Carla Bruni ‘Miss You’

She’s a world-famous model who became the first lady of France, but music has always been one of Carla Bruni’s biggest passions. In her fifth album, “French Touch,” she performs her version of the iconic Rolling Stones song “Miss You.”


Best Covers: Portugal. The Man “Don’t Look Back in Anger”

Portugal. The Man are clearly big fans of Oasis. The “Lords of Portland” have covered the brothers Gallagher in past live performances, and they even make a sly reference the ’90s hit “Wonderwall” in the chorus of their song “Rich Friends.”

Now, Portugal. The Man have shared a highly polished video of themselves performing “Don’t Look Back in Anger,” live off the floor.

Best Covers: Jose Gonzalez ‘Heartbeats’

Jose Gonzalez‘s stripped-down acoustic version of The Knife’s ubiquitous breakout hit allows the lyrics to take the forefront, and the crux of the song—one night of thrilling anxiety, passion, and consummation—appears as those moments often do: in slow motion. It’s an absolutely devastating interpolation of the track that strips away everything except for a voice and guitar, letting the words speak for themselves.