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Favourite Gig: Future Islands

This Baltimore trio is made up of the deep-voiced Samuel T. Herring, bassist William Cashion and keyboardist and programmer Gerrit Whelmers. Future Islands got their start more than a decade ago, and made it big with their fourth album, ‘Singles’ (2014), which included their international hit ‘Seasons (Waiting on You)’. They’re back with a new effort, ‘The Far Field’ (2017), and more of their electro-pop full of romanticism that combines moments of light with moments of darkness and epic sounds. Tonight at Poble Espanyol.


Favourite Gig: Portugal.The Man

This American band originally from Alaska and led by John Gourley lands in Barcelona to present their eighth album, ‘Woodstuck’, their most commercial effort to date, which includes collaborations with Danger Mouse and Mike D from the Beastie Boys. Tonight at Sala Apolo.

Favourite Gig: Artificial Pleasure

La banda londinenca Artificial Pleasure, deutora de David Bowie, Roxy Music o Talking Heads, acaba de llançar el seu nou EP Wound Up Tight, un autèntic himne dels vuitanta amb reminiscències a la millor música disco i el primer house d’ambients més pop. Els seus directes són una autèntica experiència dance, on els seus nous hits, com Wound Up Tight Better Than Nothing, sonen amb una contundència molt més gran del que hagin fet mai abans. Aritificial Pleasure és un dels grups més excitants de la nova fornada pop, i això és només el principi. Aquesta nit a Razzmatazz.

Favourite Gig: Animal Collective

La banda de pop experimental de Baltimore Animal Collective, un dels grups més influents de la dècada passada dins el panorama independent mundial recuperen per primer cop en directe el seu cinquè disc, ‘Sung tongs’ (2004), un dels millor valorats de la seva carrera per la seva barreja de pop acústic i experimental i que va canviar la seva carrera. El repassaran de principi a fi Avey Tare i Panda Bear (els únics autors de ‘Sung tongs’) a la Sala Apolo, on sonaran clàssics del grup com ‘Who could win a rabbit?’ o ‘Visiting friends’ per primera vegada en directe. Aquesta nit a la sala Apolo.

Favourite Gig: Django Django

New album, new tour for Django Django! The British band will be live in Razzmatazz today. After a first eponymous album released in 2012 followed by “Born Under Saturn” out in 2015, British members of Django Django are back with a new and third opus called “Marble skies”,

Django Django  laid the blueprint for a confident, adventurous and psychedelically-bruised strain of art-rock that melds intangible electronic flourishes to the visceral rub of live instrumentation.



Favourite Gig: Shame

The shouty south Londoners write songs about politics, perverts, and their insecurities, and reject the laddism of the indie scene.  Shame formed when the five members were in their mid-teens and bumped along anonymously for a while, part of a nascent south London scene of bands drawn together through mutual friends that also included HMLTD, Goat Girl and Dead Pretties. Tonight they will present their debut album at Sidecar.