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Favourite Gig: The Coral

Since 1996 (for early adopters), and 2002, when the UK band The Coral released their eponymous first album (which wasted no time climbing the UK charts, resting at number 5). Their brand of psychedelic Rock/Folk has helped other bands to emerge within the new style. To date, the band has released eight studio sets, their last being Distance Inbetween (2016).

The Coral have releases their newest album, Move Through The Dawn and today they will play it in concert at Sidecar.


Favourite Gig: Metric

Toronto-based alt-rockers Metric have returned with their seventh studio album, Art of Doubt. The band mostly steer away from the synth-centric style of their previous record, Pagans in Vegas, but with mixed results. On Art of Doubt, they embrace their six-string roots and occasionally dip into electronic territory. Tonight in concert at Sala Bikini.

Favourite Gig: Iceage

If revenge is a dish best served cold, Iceage have waited for it to be frozen before serving it up. They don’t really have any scores to settle, as the first three records by this post punk quartet from Copenhagen (Denmark) were unanimously acclaimed by audiences and the musical press. But Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, Dan Kjær Nielsen, Johan Suurballe Wieth and Jakob Tvilling Pless have waited patiently for four years to give shape to their fourth album, the first that was recorded all-analog: it will be called Beyondless, and will be released on May 4th on Matador.

If the two tasters that they have already released are anything to go by, there is no doubt that the fourth album will not be a disappointment: the first Catch It, is an amazing apocalyptic post punk anthem; whilst Pain Killer, with the collaboration of the damned diva Sky Ferreira, is an ode to love with trumpet, saxophone and trombone. In this new incarnation, Iceage are deeper, more incisive, and more powerful. Beyondless sounds like the culmination of an unapologetic career, which started with the dark debut New Brigade in 2011 and from then on each album has brought glimmers of light into the cavern. Iceage will display all these credentials at their visit todayat La (2) de Apolo.


Favourite Gig: Kurt Vile & The Violators

Kurt Vile already has five solo albums under his belt, and two before that with The War On Drugs, a band he founded together with Adam Granduciel. He’s got a whole arsenal of Americana music that’s helped him stray from the usual course and become one of the more remarkable artists of his generation. After his joint album with Australian artist Courtney Barnett, ‘Lotta Sea Lice’ (2017), he now returns to present his new and much anticipated solo album, ‘Bottle It In’ (2018).

Favourite Gig: Anna Calvi

Anna Calvi is the potence turned into music, a river of passion that cut through the music industry and won the heats of her fans with powerful guitars.

‘She’s the biggest one since Patti Smith’. This statement was made by Brian Eno when Calvi had only released one single. It seemed quite forward, but time has proven him right.

The comparisons carried on for a couple more years (‘She’s the new PJ Harvey’, for instance). Tonight in Sala Razzmatazz 2 at Cruïlla Tardor.

Favourite Gig: Low

Formats el 1994 pel matrimoni entre Mimi Parker i Alan Sparhawk, el nucli dur de la banda, els nord-americans Low són tot un referent de l’escena independent i culpables de popularitzar l’slowcore. En la seva trajectòria musical la banda ha publicat discos tan lloats com ‘C’mon’ (2011), ‘Drums and Guns’ (2007), ‘Things we lost in the fire’ (2001) o ‘The great destroyer’ (2005). Ara celebren 25 anys de carrera amb l’edició del seu dotzè disc, ‘Double negative’ (2018), que han escrit conjuntament amb el productor BJ Burton (responsable també del seu anterior ‘Ones and sixes’ (2015). Aquesta nit a Fabra i Coats.

Favourite Gig: Beach House

Beach House are back in town present their latest effort, ‘7’ (2018). The Baltimore duo  of singer Victoria Legrand and guitarist Alex Scally keep the bar high with their latest work, a return of their trademark meloncholic sound that seems to pull from both the sunshine-pop ’60s and the synth-driven ’80s. With ‘7’, the band continues to grow, adding still more layers of complexity to their already sophisticated and rewarding synth-pop sound.  In concert tonight at Razzmatazz.