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Hit of the week: Gengahr ‘ Everything & More’

Following their previous single Everything & MoreGengahr have given us a second taste of their forthcoming third album, Sanctuary, set for release on January 31st via Liberator Music.

The newest tune from the North London four-piece has all the makings of a classic indie pop track, but with a dash of ‘Saturday Night Fever’. The danceable disco element makes for a chic throwback, and merges seamlessly with the acclaimed Gengahr sound.

Hit of the week: Mealtime ‘Sublime’

Emerging earlier this year with debut track ‘Denim’ and subsequent single ‘Teef’, Manchester-based alt-pop six-piece Mealtime return  with propulsive new single ‘Sublime’.

The serrated noise-pop track buoyed by an acidic bassline, is accompanied by a tongue-in-cheek video where the band members move from the tedium of a day job into a limousine, before ending up on a Babestation style chat line.

Hit of the week: Confidence Man “Does It Make You Feel Good”

Australian electro-pop four-piece Confidence Man released their debut album, Confident Music for Confident People, last year to critical acclaim, and now they’re sharing their first taste of new music. Today (Nov. 18), they’ve unveiled a new single, “Does It Make You Feel Good,

“Does It Make You Feel Good” is invigorating dance-pop with the kind of pumping grooves that blur the line between the physical and spiritual. You can try your best to escape the clutches of their tantalizing rhythms, but paired with vibrant vocals and hypnotizing keyboards, they’re especially lethal. Led by Janet Planet and Sugar Bones, Confidence Man take listeners down a neon wormhole of house, pop and disco, posing questions as if they’re licensed dance music therapists.

Hit of the week: Bad Sounds ‘Sympathetic Vibrations’

The boundless energy of sibling-fronted indie band Bad Sounds returns to our world today in the form of brand new single ‘Sympathetic Vibrations’. It’s the first Bad Sounds ration since last year’s debut album Get Better.

‘Sympathetic Vibrations’ echoes with treated vocals, distant whistles and a far-off, hazy chatter of instruments. It’s a laidback, woozy, and possibly substance-treated cut that welcomes the Bristol band back from their break as compelling as when they left. Hear the new song:

Hit of the week: HMLTD ‘The West Is Dead’

HMLTD have shared a politically charged new single right this moment, ‘The West Is Dead’.  The London five-piece will launch their debut album, ‘West of Eden’ on February 7 by way of impartial label Fortunate Quantity.

The expansive, labyrinthine debut has been several years in the making; a daring collection of songs created to incite conversation about proposed new visions of masculinity, the decadence of western capitalism and the violence of insecurity and repression. Across its 15 tracks, the band’s artistic vision is realised in full technicolour, with all shades of their sonic palette used to create an album that is equal parts lush and abrasive.

Hit of the week: Nick Cave & The Bad Sees ‘Bright Horses’

Nick Cave could never be accused of adopting a whimsical perspective on life and how to live it. But the gothic troubadour’s world was plunged into very real darkness with the tragic death of his teenage son Arthur in 2015. The

awful event occurred during the recording of his previous album, Skeleton Tree – a release that trembled with the raw jolt of half-processed grief. It was extraordinary, consumed with emotion so intense listening felt like an intrusion.

After the shock comes the silence. Or so it is tempting to conclude, upon spending time with Cave’s sprawling and crepuscular 17th LP. Ghosteen doesn’t specifically address Cave’s bereavement. Yet allusions to the afterlife are ever-present. “Ghosteen” is the singer’s term for “migrating spirit”; elsewhere his lyrics are hauntingly specific in their imagery.

There are hints of Leonard Cohen in his sardonic old age in “Bright Horses” and its juxtaposition of a choir with Cave’s world-weary diction.

Hit of the week: Flashy Ice Cream ‘Llàgrimes de sang’

El grup de trap de Sabadell Flashy Ice Cream acaba de publicar la cançó ‘Llàgrimes de sang’, dedicada a les protestes juvenils per la sentència contra el procés i especialment als aldarulls sorgits arran de la violència policíaca. Resumeix l’esperit de molts dels qui han sortit al carrer arreu del país aquesta darrera setmana.

Flashy Ice Cream, a Catalan trap band have just shared `Tears of Blood’ during the riots occured in Catalonia against the violent police sent by Spain. These riots have been lead by students and young people fed up of the repression of Spain over Catalonia.