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Hit of the week: SOHN: ‘Hard Liquor’

London born SOHN has released his first single of 2017 – ‘Hard Liquor’ is a trademark slice of emotive, melodic electronica from his imminent sophomore album, Rennen.

The track is driven by a jarring industrial drum beat and synths that frame Christopher Taylors rich, soulful vocal. Lyrically exploring lost love, as SOHN so often does, brought on by the damaging impact of addiction and reliance, ‘Hard Liquor’ is complemented by a understated but captivating black and white companion video, created by Jovan Todorovic and shot in Belgrade, Serbia.


Hit of the week: Bangkok “Maya Girls”

Bangkok és la capital de Tailanda, però d’ençà fa poc és també el nom d’una banda francesa que acaba de publicar el seu disc de debut “Jungle of Mania”. Aquest trio traspua talent i originalitat per tot arreu. Barthélémy i Melchior passaren la seva infantesa recorrent el món com membres d’un cor i com solistes d’òpera. Antoine és un amant de les sonoritats africanes. El seu so és molt eclèctic i ells reconeixen influències que van des de Pink Floyd als Bee Gees i de Supertramp a l’E.L.O. El seu primer vídeo “Maya Girls” ha estat rodat a Nàpols, una de les poques ciutats que, segons ells, es manté pura.


Hit of the week: Whyte Horses ‘The Snowfalls’

Whyte Horses are an enigmatic group from Manchester who make guitars chime like lysergic bells and sing songs so full of wonder that they make your heart ache. They shape-shift from Turkish psyche to Brazilian trip music, from acid house to electronica to punk rock to guitar classic in a heartbeat. It really shouldn’t work, but it’s synthesized that it absolutely does. There is a hypnotic beauty to their music and a poetic perfection to their muse.

The band is the brainchild of Dom Thomas, a music fanatic and chronologist who scours the planet for obscure and rare vinyl genius. This obsession is their musical DNA and Whyte Horses are the sound of people who are on the quest for the perfect record and have decided to make one themselves. ‘The Snowfalls’ is the first fruit from the  debut album from Whyte Horses   “Pop or not”.

Hit of the week: Gloria ‘Beam Me Up’

Not a lot is known about French band Gloria, and they seem to like it that way. Signed to the superb Paris-based label Howlin’ Banana Records, their debut single ‘Beam Me Up’ is the first taster from their debut album, Gloria In Excelsis Stereo.

The album was recorded in a mansion in Brittany, and judging by this Ronettes-on-Acid first sample, it should be a neatly produced hypno-garage collection.

Hit of the week: Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam “A 1000 Times”

After working on a pair of songs together on Hamilton Leithauser’s 2014 solo debut, Black Hours, he and former Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij have formally announced a collaborative project. As Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam, they’ve just unveiled debut tune, “A 1000 Times.”

The song begins with a bit of late night parlor piano and Leithauser’s familiar call. It both has the bop and soul of a classic Walkmen cut, with the honked harmonica lending a touch of Springsteen to the piece.

Hit of the week: The Molochs ‘No More Crying’

Hailing from LA, The Molochs are a 60’s-inspired garage pop band. They have released the single, ‘No More Crying’ which, with its twangy pop guitar, lively beat and sunshine vocals recmind of the Yardbirds, with tinges of The Beatles,’I Feel Fine’ mixed in.  It’s a bouncy, addictive and superbly dance-worthy track that surges into your head with rocking guitars and a driving harmonica steering the way.