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Hit of the week: The Growlers “I’ll Be Around”

The Growlers have always hung their hats on a distinctively West Coast garage rock sound, but the California beach goths embraced a healthy dose of New York cool when they teamed up with Julian Casablancas to produce their forthcoming album City Club. The early results of this bicoastal collaboration have been promising, to say the least, and that trend continues with the premiere of new single “I’ll Be Around”, a fatally funky rock track that’s as fun as anything off 2014’s Chinese Fountain. It’s clear that The Strokes frontman has had a huge influence on the band’s sound this time around, and we can’t wait to hear the rest when City Club drop September 30th on Casablancas’ own Cult Records.


Hit of the week: Black Dylan “Hey Srtanger”

Black Dylan is an oddly-named new soul duo who first came together in France but harnessed their collective talents in Denmark; they’re now ready to take on the world with their unique take on contemporary soul and R&B.

In one corner there’s Wafanade – singer/songwriter. He’s a household name in his native Denmark where he enjoyed bestselling albums and singles and appeared as a coach on the TV show ‘The Voice Junior’. In the other corner, there’s Nuplex (Mikkel Thomsen). Another Dane, he’s also a singer/songwriter with a penchant for hip-hop.

The two have been friends for many years and for some time both lived in France where they were both immersed in the cutting edge sounds of French hip-hop and classic soul. Back in Denmark the pair decided that they needed to make an album together.The Black Dylan sound is rooted in classic soul, experimental and totally contemporary. The’ve just released a hit song “Hey Stranger”

Hit of the week: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Jesus Alone”

Ja és aquí la primera cançó del nou disc de Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Jesus Alone”. El proper 9 de setembre es publicarà “Skeleton Tree” un disc que estarà marcat per la repentina mort del cantant australià. La cançó n’és una evidència atès que destil·la una atmosfera tenebrosa i un halo de tristesa punyent. L’àlbum vindrà acompanyat de la pel·lícula “One More Time With Feeling” que s’estrenarà als cines de Barcelona aquest 8 de setembre.

Hit of the week: Puppet Rebellion ‘Fragments’

Growing indie band Puppet Rebellion have released their latest single and first of 2016. The five-piece from Manchester have released a new track called ‘Fragments’.

‘Fragments’ is a unique blend of all brilliant Northernness, fuelled with a powerful opening as Ollie’s vocals have raised the bar for the band matching their sound up to the likes of Doves and Embrace.

The catchy song with its guitar riffs that make the song sound bouncy one moment and heavy bursting with energy and dropping to a more relaxed vibe all at the right points.

Hit of the week: Wilco “If I Ever Was a Child”

Last week, Wilco celebrated the one-year anniversary of their 2015 album, Star Wars, with the release of a new single entitled “Locator”. As it turns out, the track is from the band’s follow-up full-length.

Entitled Schmilco, Wilco’s 10th studio album arrives September 9th through dBpm Records. “If I Ever Was a Child” has been pegged as the second single. The artwork to Schmilco, was designed by Catalan cartoonist Joan Cornellà.

Hit of the week: Warpaint “New Song”

In an Inception-style twist, Warpaint has released a new song entitled “New Song.” The L.A.-based quartet also announced a follow-up to its self-titled record; except instead of naming this LP New Record, it’s called Heads Up. The forthcoming project is due out Sept. 23.

“New Song” is a confident track from Warpaint, driven more by electronica rather than the guitar-heavy Warpaint from 2014. Nonetheless, the new release is a self-assured, danceable tune and promises an electric vibe for Heads Up.

Hit of the week: Glass Animals “Youth”

On August 26th, Glass Animals will return with their sophomore album, How To Be a Human Being. The follow-up to 2014’s ZABA was previously teased in May with lead single “Life Itself”. Today, the UK outfit’s unboxed a second offering with “Youth”.

Here, frontman Dave Bayley’s breathy vocals curve and meander throughout the stripped-back track. In a statement, he explained the concept behind “Youth”:
“Someone told me a story about her son once that was one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard. What she said was completely heartbreaking, but she told it with such optimism and such a sense of calm. She was on the verge of crying, but she was also smiling and something in her face said that she had found a way to be happy again. This song is trying to get at that sentiment.”